Language & Grammar III: Capitalization#

At moja global, we use both sentence case and headline-style capitalization, depending on the context. Predominantly, we strive to follow sentence case capitalization where we capitalize only the initial letter of the first word in the text and other words that require capitalization.

The guidelines in this case are:

  • Capitalize the first word of a sentence, the first word in a subheading after a colon and proper nouns.

  • Don’t look forward to capitalizing the words unnecessarily, even if they look good.

  • If a sentence starts with lowercase, rephrase it to format it as per the sentence case.

  • Use sentence case, for forms, text in tables, figures and headings.

  • Headline style capitalization should be employed as per the context, like blog posts, research paper titles to use initial uppercase letters for all significant words in the text.