After making your first contribution#

Get credit for your contribution#

We use the All Contributors Bot to recognize contributors.

To get recognized, just add the following line to a comment after making your contribution (like submitting a pull request, replying to a question, resolving an issue, etc.) :: @all-contributors please add <@username> for <contributions>

Replace <@username> with your GitHub username and <contributions> with any word from this list.

If you wish to know more about the all-contributors bot usage in moja global, please checkout the Bots and Integrations section.

Report Bugs, Provide Feedback or Request Features#

We welcome all kinds of bug reports, user feedback and feature requests!

If you find an easily reproducible bug and/or are experienced in reporting bugs, feel free to just open an issue on the relevant project on GitHub.

We’ve created some issue templates to assist you in this. Please use them to create a new issue in the relevant project’s repository.

Pick more complex issues to work on#

Now that you have your first contribution merged, you may move on to issues without Good for newcomers and Help Wanted labels. For specific areas of interest, please filter out the issues with specific labels of your interest.

Help other contributors take their first step#

Now that you have made your first contribution, it is time to help other contributors to start their journey. There are a variety of ways in which you can help and guide them to their first contribution!

Reviewing contributions#

moja global welcomes all contributors to review each others pull requests and suggest changes. You may also choose to review other contributions by following this guide here.

Answering their queries#

moja global urges all contributors and community members to help each other out with queries on Slack/GitHub. This can help new contributors in setting up moja global repositories and will drive the path to their first contribution. For more details on how to answer queries, please follow this guide here.

Mentor new contributors#

If you know the contents of the repository well and would like to help contributors reach milestones in the development of the repository, then you may take up the role of a Coach or Ambassador to guide and work with new contributors. We believe this kind of healthy collaboration can nurture young coders and provide a platform to grow for both the parties. If you are interested, please check out this guide to know more about these roles.

Create beginner-friendly Issues#

You may also create beginner friendly issues for new contributors to claim. Please ensure that the difficulty level of these issues are easy and if possible can be implemented without the need for setting up the Project completely. Since these issues are targeted at beginners, please share all necessary details required to solve the issue (eg. Filenames that require change) in the issue description and label the issues with one or more of the following labels good-first-issue, Good for newcomers or Help Wanted.