Ways to contribute to moja global#

There are plenty of ways you can contribute to moja global repositories. Apart from contributing code, moja global would love any kind of help for non-code related issues as well.

Review & Contribute Science Design#

Most of our code is informed by an underlying Science Design. We develop these designs collaboratively and your contributions are most welcome!

Follow the following steps to contribute to or review a science design:

  • Find the Science Design

    • Every moja global repository will have a folder called “Science” in the root directory

    • The Science folder will contain 2 types of Science Designs:

      • PDF files contain completed science designs.

      • .md files contain a link to science designs under development.

    • Locate the PDF file with the highest version number for review

    • Locate the .md file with the highest version number for a contribution

    • If no .md file is available, proceed with agree on a Science Design

  • Review Science Design

    • Open the PDF file you want to review

    • Changes or suggestions are not possible

    • If you detect an inaccuracy or want to propose an improvement, check whether your change has already been made in the .md file with the highest version number

    • If the change has not been made yet, continue with contribute to a science design below.

  • Contribute to a Science Design

    • Open the .md file with the highest version number.

    • Follow the link to the Google Doc with the ongoing science discussion

    • Contact the Document Owner to join the discussion or just leave a comment in the text.

Suggest UI/UX Improvements#

One of the most important areas of improvement to our flagship software FLINT is the user interface. We really need your help with this!

If you have ideas on how we can improve, please share them with us by creating a new issue. We could then start a new project for your idea!

Contribute Translations#

Right now our interfaces do not support translations and we also don’t have a translation strategy in place. But we want to change this. We want our projects to be accessible to non-English speakers. If you have any ideas then please share them with us by creating a new issue.

Coach or Train New Contributors#

moja global has defined the following roles to help contributors to achieve their maximum potential while working on moja global repositories.

Coaches are experienced coders or scientists or users who are available to work shoulder to shoulder with new coders, users, or contributors.

Ambassadors are experienced coders or scientists or users who are available to provide training to groups of new coders, users, or contributors.

For adding yourself as a Coach or Ambassador, reach out to us over mail on info@moja.global. Please ensure you have a track record that proves you know the proposed repository for Mentorship, its purpose and contents well.

Please wait for a few days for us to get back to you. After adding yourself as a Coach or Ambassador, please complete the following steps on our GitHub.

  • Ensure you have already claimed credit for your work in the past

  • Add your name to Coaches/Ambassadors in the README document by copying your avatar and name from the all-contributors section and pasting it under the Coaches/Ambassadors header.

  • Submit a Pull-Request with your proposed changes

Answer user Questions#

Please help moja global be an active and responsive open source organization! Here is how you may answer user queries.

  • Join moja global by emailing on info@moja.global. You will receive a slack workspace invite where you may join us for further discussions on the project of your interest.

  • You can review and answer contributor questions on open issues in your repository/team repositories on our GitHub organization .

  • You may also review discussions and answer new users queries on moja global’s Slack workspace

  • If the reply could be useful for others, please add it as an entry under the FAQ section on the README of your repo or in this documentation repo FAQ section for general moja global questions.

  • Don’t forget to Claim credit for your contribution

Organize moja global events/meetups#

moja global believes events are important to reach out to new users or improve collaboration. If you are planning to organize events to spread the message of moja global and invite contributors, here are the steps to follow:

  • Please send an email to info@moja.global with a clear and descriptive subject.

  • Please provide background or references to prove your good intentions if you do not have a track record on GitHub. You may also attach files, screenshots and animated GIFs to better illustrate your ideas.

Please allow us a few days to get back to you. Don’t forget to let us know how the event was!

Are There Other Ways of Contributing?#

Yes, there are a lot of other ways in which you can help us!

You can help us in administration, fundraising, website development, communication/outreach. You can also offer strategy advice. You can even join our strategy board!

If there’s some other way, not listed above, in which you’d like to help, then please drop us a line at info@moja.global. We’ll get in touch with you!