Git and Github guide#

This guide is to help new contributors set up Git, GitHub and navigate their way through making contributions to moja global repositories. It covers the entire process of contributing right from installing Git to opening pull requests.

Setup this project using Git#

Before setting up this project using Git make sure you have installed and configured Git by following the instructions here.

Fork and Clone this project#

  • In your browser, visit In the upper left corner, there is a Fork button. Please click on it to create a fork/copy of the repository on your profile.

  • In a terminal, clone this repo by running the command where your-username represents your Github username.

git clone<your-username>/FLINT/
  • Enter into the newly created project folder by running this command.

  • Configure upstream for the fork so that Git can sync work from the upstream if it is updated by running this command.

git remote add upstream
  • Check if upstream is configured by running the command and check if upstream is shown or not.

git remote -v
  • Make sure you’ve checked out the develop branch to be updated. It consists of all the latest changes for the FLINT Installation.

git checkout develop
  • Now, the project is setup using Git. Please carry on with instructions on how to set this up on `Windows`_ or Linux here. You can revisit this section when you are ready to make a contribution.

Claim an issue#

This section will demonstrate how to claim an issue.

To work on an issue, you must claim it by adding a request comment to the issue thread and tagging a maintainer/issue triager in it. You will be assigned to work on the issue now. Some additional notes:

  • You can only claim issues with the Good for newcomers or Help Wanted labels.

  • Please feel free to ask questions on how to approach the issue or if the tests are failing. The maintainers/reviewers will try to get back to you as soon as possible. You can reach us on the moja-global slack, or through Github.

  • If your pull request has some requested changes, after working on it don’t forget to leave a comment asking for a review since the reviewers aren’t notified when a pull request is updated.

Make a contribution#

This section shows you step-by-step how to make a contribution to FLINT using Git.

  • FLINT stable branch is develop. Releases are scheduled periodically when codebase is production-ready and the develop branch is merged into the master branch.