Windows Installation#

This section guides first-time contributors through installing GCBM on Windows.

Before proceeding further, make sure you have the following prerequisites setup:


The prerequisites are:

  • Python 3.7.

  • Microsoft Access Database Driver.

  • Visual C++ Redistributable Packages.

Please set up the prerequisites by following the guide here.

Update GCBM Run Script#

Edit run_all.bat and update the Python path to the one used in the Python installation step, and the platform bit-ness to match your version of MS Access if needed:

Editing ``run_all.bat`` file to update Python path and Platform

Editing run_all.bat file to update Python path and Platform#

Test GCBM#

Double-click the run_gcbm.bat file to run GCBM – if the installation steps were performed correctly, the preprocessing tools, GCBM model, and postprocessing tools should run without any error messages.

Running the ``run_gcbm.bat`` file to execute GCBM

Running the run_gcbm.bat file to execute GCBM#

Viola! We are all done.

GCBM Video Tutorial#

The above steps for installation of GCBM can also be followed along with the video tutorial: