FLINT Development Setup#

This section guides first-time contributors through installing FLINT development environment on Windows and Ubuntu.

The recommended method for installing the FLINT development environment is on Windows using cmake, vcpkg and Visual Studio 2017 or 2019. In order to setup FLINT on Linux based systems, Docker containers are preferred. This method creates containers which are a simple way to build FLINT and all required dependencies.

Before Setting Up FLINT#

  • Please make sure that all the prerequisites required have been installed and configured correctly.

  • The FLINT core repository has been forked and cloned following the Git and Github guide here.

Datasets for FLINT#

After setting up FLINT, the next step can be to explore and run FLINT on different datasets. We have a collection of publicly available Opensource datasets for you to choose from and run on FLINT here.

These datasets have been used by many countries and are effective in real-world scenarios. For each dataset information is provided on content and license. Proper permissions have been cited for all the datasets and we urge you to follow the license for every dataset before proceeding to work with it.

If you have another dataset on your mind that would be beneficial for FLINT, please feel free to reach out to us on info@moja.global to share details about this dataset.

Build guides#

moja global also hosts guides that are living documents which would be updated form time to time. If you have any feedback or corrections, please use the Google Docs below to leave your suggestions so they will be included in the next version.

The guides are:

A guide on moja FLINT implementations is also under development