Environment: Visual Studio (Remote Containers)#

In the Visual Studio environment using Remote Containers option for setting up FLINT.example, the options to run, develop and debug the repository code are available. Here remote containers are available in Visual Studio as an extension and can be installed with the help of the link mentioned in the prerequisites section.


Others extensions may be required, please follow instructions during VS Code startup. Extensions required during development will be installed in the container (listed below).

Building the Project#

With these extensions installed, on startup, VS Code should ask if you want to open the project in a Container - OR you can press F1 and select Remote-Containers: Open folder in Container...

The VS Code project has some launch.json settings in place (in the .vscode folder), these can run both the base and rothc samples. It is possible to debug into the moja.flint libraries by loading on of the .cpp/.h files and setting a breakpoint - OR stepping into a method using the debugger

To build the project the cmake and C++ extensions will be required. These have been specified in the devcontainer.json file. To build the library use Cmake Configure, Build and Install.

"extensions": [

Once the project opens the folder in the dev container, use the cmake commands to configure and build the project. Once this is done you should be ready to run/debug one of the samples.

NOTE : The libraries require a slightly different paths to work inside the dev-container, so there is a new version of the library configs for VS Code. These commands will work from the terminal in the running container after cmake has been successful.

# start in the correct folder
cd /workspaces/FLINT.example/Run_Env

# sample
moja.cli --config config/point_example.json --config config/libs.base.vscode.json  --logging_config logging.debug_on.conf

# rothc
moja.cli --config config/point_rothc_example.json --config config/libs.base_rothc.vscode.json  --logging_config logging.debug_on.conf

# Chapman Richards - forest point
moja.cli --config config/point_forest_config.json --config config/libs.gdal.chaprich.vscode.json

# Chapman Richards - forest spatial
moja.cli --config config/forest_config.json --config config/libs.gdal.chaprich.vscode.json --config_provider config/forest_provider.json