Understanding preprocessing codes

The Preprocessing codes host all the preprocessing algorithms utilized by the GCBM Chile Data Pre-Processing project. The code is hosted on the Preprocessing_Codes sub-directory of the repository and allows developers to concentrate on running individual simulations on the input dataset and retrieve the necessary output. In this section, we would delve deep into the individual code file and understand them.

Listing all Preprocessing Codes

All the individual code files should be run using R Studio which abstracts away complex configurations and package management. You can primarily run run_all.R present on the repository root, to run all the processing codes.

Preprocessing Code Name


Preprocessing Code Source

Install packages

Install the necessary packages using the checkpoint package.


Temperature layer

Process the CR2 temperature product to obtain the mean temperature layer (1997-2016).


Growth Curves

Build the Growth curves using the Annual Growth values for each forest type.


Inventory layer

Create the inventory layer (initial layer).


Afforestation layer

Create the afforestation layer: Land use changes from non-forest to forest.


Forest loss layer

Create the deforestation and substitution layers.


Forest degradation layer

Create the degradation layers and disturbance matrix values.


Forest enhancement layer

Create the forest enhancement layers and add the new growth curves.


Official Preprocessing Codes

The Preprocessing Code files describe the packages needed, folder paths, parameters, layers and the core algorithm organized in a separate single unit. You can run each of the Preprocessing codes individually, provided the folder paths are configured correctly as described in the installation.