Google Cloud Platform#

To deploy FLINT.Cloud to GCP, we provide a production grade setup using a Layered Architecture setup on top of the Google Cloud. In this setup we use Terraform, an Infrastructure-as-a-Code tool, to deploy the infrastructure and the applications we want to use.

To deploy the FLINT.Cloud to GCP, follow these steps:

  1. Create a GCP service account with project owner permissions in your project. This is used by Terraform to provision all the necessary resources.

  2. Copy from the layered directory of this repository to your Cloud Console machine.

  3. In, change the project variable to your project ID. Change any other variables, if necessary.

  4. Download the key in JSON format for the service account created in Step 1 to your project’s Cloud Console machine. Rename it to service_account.json.

  5. Run terraform apply. After this command finishes, it should output the URL to FLINT Cloud (ingress).

To tear down the infrastructure and delete the application, run terraform destroy in the same directory where is present. If this fails, run it again.